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posted Oct 21, 2009, 8:58 AM by Claudia Quezada Garrido   [ updated Jun 16, 2010, 10:31 AM ]
Students from our school have been sending and receiving letters from students of a school in the state on New York, USA.

This project started as an idea from an Intern-ship student from UMayor, Carla Zambrano, who wanted to give 3rd-year students the chance to practice their written English at a whole new level. 

 The first step to make this project happen was to find a class of English-speaking students willing to exchange letters with us. We used the ePals website to create the link. Soon after we started our search we received a reply from the Spanish teacher at Roxbury Central School in the state of New York. Once the final details for the project had been discussed by both teachers we were ready to begin writing the letters!

 The first letter our students sent included some information about their families, likes and dislikes plus some insights about teenage lifestyles in our country. At the end of each letter our students were allowed to include a short paragraph in Spanish to teach their new Pen Pals a few Chilean idioms and common expressions. This is what the Spanish teacher from USA said of the letters they received: "They (her students) were really impressed at the quality of your English, It's way better than their Spanish! and the length of the letters and all the details. Most of all they were impressed by the decorations and the different pen colors etc. Wait 'til you get our next ones! I loved the slang and Chilean expressions."

All students in the USA are now on their summer holidays so we won't be hearing from them until they return to classes in September. 


Spanish students at Roxbury Central School 

Envelop containing the letters received from the USA

IIIºA students holding the letters they received from the USA

Roxbury students holding Chilean Pen Pals' letters